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There is Nothing Like myKinCloud

We have been using this space to help families with their journey of mindful living, both within our app and out of it, but we want to take a moment to explain why myKinCloud is absolutely worth using for your family. Here are our top 5 reasons why myKinCloud is UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY:

1) We offer 6 apps in 1.

6 in 1! myKinCloud offers meditation and yoga practices, gratitude journaling, self-awareness check-ins, mindful messaging and daily inspirations, all in one app and one subscription. These mindfulness activities deliver the benefits of greater calm, reduced stress, improved self-regulation and increased happiness! Offering many different practices means that myKinCloud meets you (& your kids) wherever you are. Some days, gratitude journaling will feel right; other days, you'll want to check in with your feelings. You may also want to make it a habit to do all practices every day! They are all important habits for well-being, so pick your practice(s) and post to your cloud! We add new content regularly to keep it fresh and refreshing.

2) The mindfulness journey is shared.

Not only do you and up to 11 other people in your myKinCloud cloud have access to all of the mindfulness activities, but when the practices are completed they get posted to a group feed where only you and your chosen cloud members can see it. There are many apps that offer mindfulness activities, but none that offer this shared experience, giving you and those closest to you a chance to connect, share and interact. When someone posts something they are grateful for, it might inspire another member to also share their own gratitude. Or when someone posts an emoji reflecting their stressed state of mind, they might get some encouragement from the rest of the cloud through Mindful Messaging or comments. The journey does not have to be taken alone – mindfulness, together!

3) It is a private social media experience.

We as humans have the need to be social, but sometimes we need a more private, intimate experience where we feel that we can truly be ourselves instead of trying to impress a larger audience full of acquaintances. In myKinCloud, there are a maximum of 12 people in your cloud, all chosen by the account owner, usually consisting of family members or other close relationships (kin & kindred spirits!). There are no ‘likes’ by design, only mindfulness activities and opportunities to post comments to communicate throughout your mindfulness journey. myKinCloud is a private, refreshing and distraction-free place for you and your family.

4) Up to 12 users are included in 1 subscription.

Yes, you heard that correctly – 12 users for 1 subscription! The account owner sets up the account and forms the cloud (the private group). This person is frequently a parent who includes family members, but the cloud can be comprised of whoever you choose. All users have access to the same activities, all under 1 subscription.

5) myKinCloud was created by moms who understand families.

At myKinCloud, we are moms who had a need and desire to create a shared mindfulness practice for our families. We understand the struggle of managing screen time, the reality of busy family life, and the deep desire to connect with our kids in meaningful ways as they grow and change. We also personally have experienced the benefits of mindfulness in our own lives and wanted to make it accessible and fun for our kids. As a result, we created myKinCloud, a beautiful place for families to connect over shared mindfulness practices.

There truly is nothing quite like myKinCloud.

As always, please give us any feedback on your myKinCloud experience!


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