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Summer Calm or Chaos?

Now that we are transitioning to the summer schedule, as a mother born in a decade I won’t disclose, I remember childhood summers being long, lazy, and full of nothing but endless time. I probably don’t need to tell you that things have changed!

Day camps, sleepovers, sports teams, not to mention the fact that many households have two full-time working parents - summer juggling can feel even more complex than school year juggling. While the school year is busy, there tends to be some predictability and structure to the schedule, but summers can be quite chaotic. Keeping track of our kids’ physical whereabouts, let alone where they are with their mental health, can feel pretty impossible. There is one small thing we can do to make sure our kids don’t entirely slip from our emotional reach – get them on the myKinCloud app for connection through mindfulness habits, easily accessible no matter what kind of crazy summer schedule your family maintains.

Once the app is downloaded on all of your devices and your KinCloud is set up, you are all ready to go. Your family probably checks in with each other to tell each other about practical schedule details and current locations, so why not also check in with myKinCloud for more meaningful reasons, helping you all feel a bit emotionally closer and more calm.

How can we help work myKinCloud into your family's daily habits in the summer?

We’ve got reminders. Set a time in the app for a reminder at a specific time each day to post something and ultimately inspire your family to participate as well.

We’ve got notifications. Turn on the notifications, and you and your family will never miss an important post from each other.

We’ve got multiple practices from which to choose. Perhaps one of your family members enjoys meditation while another only wants to tell you how tired they are. You each choose which practice suits you, and no matter what you pick, it will go into the private group feed, inspiring others and creating deeper connection. One minute your child might send you a message demanding ice cream money, but the next they might post to myKinCloud saying that they are grateful for a generous mother who so lovingly provides endless funds for their summer decadences.

While some kids have summer tutoring sessions, generally speaking with the nicer weather and no school there tends to be a shift to physical wellness, but it is also a perfect time to focus on mental wellness. If your kids begin positive mindfulness habits throughout the summer, the habits could carry on through the school year to help them cope better with the day to day academic stresses they face.

Can we help you better manage the scheduling of the camps and playdates? Sorry, but no. Can we provide an extra driving service to get your kids from point A to B to C back to A and then over to D? Good luck with that one. But we can help you and your family take small moments throughout each of your days to connect with each other through mindfulness habits.


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