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New Year, New You?

I don’t know about you, but I have always loathed the idea of New Year’s resolutions. My husband pesters me every year, saying that we should come up with some, as he quite likes the idea of them. Before I met him I happily sailed through each January 1 without a resolution in sight. Some years we have come up with some together, but a few months into the year, even if our life depended on it we couldn’t recall what those resolutions were.

Other than not even remembering what I firmly resolved to do on the rare times I tried, why do I loathe resolutions so much? I think it comes down to the thought that life is a journey, one where we are constantly changing and evolving. It seems unrealistic to pick one day where we suddenly decide to be more fit, better read, and be less tempted by the Monday night glass of wine. In addition, think of the pressure we are putting on ourselves when we have this notion of a ‘new year, new you’!

If there is something you are not happy with and want to change, I am all for improving daily habits. No great change has ever happened overnight, though. It starts with making one small change at a time. The important word here is ‘small’. If we start with just one small change and stick to it, that generally rolls into larger changes in a gradual, natural, sustainable way. Focusing on small changes can also reduce the unrealistic idea of creating a whole new version of ourselves each January 1.

And perhaps we need to stop trying to become someone we are not, but become more of the person we are. By focusing on our positive attributes and fostering them more, we extend kindness to ourselves, and also help teach our kids how to embrace and love themselves. If you enjoy walking, add another walk into your week and invite your kids. If you enjoy cooking, grab your partner every Saturday evening to help cook a family meal together. Instead of trying to change yourself, do more of the things that make you and your family happy. Do the things that help you deepen connection with yourself and your loved ones- don't we all need connection this new year more than ever!

New Year, New You?


New Year, MORE You... and more US!

Mindfulness, together.


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