Toolkits are useful! Ever since I can remember I have had my trusty toolkit filled with all sorts of goodies that have come in handy for endless small home maintenance projects. It has traveled with me through countless different homes across many different cities and even countries. This was my toolkit before my husband entered into my life, and I’d like to make note that he never had a toolkit of his own. We now share it, but we all know who has actually compiled its contents. Neither of us are or ever will be DIY people, but small home issues are always going to arise from time to time, and a toolkit is practical and useful for these moments.

Since toolkits are so handy, why wouldn’t we want another one in our lives to help with living mindfully?! The myKinCloud app has become a mindfulness toolkit in our household. There are many different mindfulness tools in myKinCloud available to all of us to dive in and use for regular maintenance of our wellbeing.

My son’s favorite tool is the feelings check-in, as he loves playing with the emojis, and it is a simple and easy way to express how he is feeling. His favorite emoji at the moment seems be the angry one, but at least I know he has a place to express that. My daughter’s favorite tool is messaging, as she enjoys sending cute pictures of our dog and random other moments of her day. She also likes to listen to the meditation practices, although sometimes I suspect it might just be for the music, but it is a start. My husband enjoys dabbling in all of the tools, usually wherever my kids have been, as he gets joy out of the meaningful interaction with them. Personally, my favorite tool is the gratitude list. Gratitude is so helpful for me when I am having a down day, and posting my list always inspires someone else in my family to post their own gratitude.

A good toolkit is not just a hammer or a nail, but an assortment of items that come in handy for specific things just when you need them. If you think of myKinCloud as you and your family’s mindfulness toolkit, you know you will always have that trusty kit to take with you wherever you go.

What is your favorite tool in the myKinCloud toolkit?


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