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My Ideal Mother's Day

In recognition of Mother’s Day in the US, I thought I would take a moment to write a schedule for my family about what my ideal Mother’s Day would look like. Perhaps it is time we as mothers told our families what we really want? This is our day. Let's own it.

Before 7am: Do I want to be woken up and jumped on? Sorry, but no.

Leave my bedroom door shut and leave me be. I am programmed to wake up in the 5 o’clock hour, so as much as I would like to, I won’t be sleeping in, but that doesn’t mean I want to get up. Or face anyone. Let me read, binge on social media on my phone, meditate, or just lie there staring at the ceiling. Alone. When I emerge I will be rested and thrilled to see you.

7am: Breakfast in bed? Sorry, it's a delightful idea in theory, but in reality I won't stop obsessing about the crumbs in the sheets.

BUT you can bring me a venti soy matcha latte from Starbucks, which will give you some serious bonus points. Regarding food, I will ecstatically and gratefully eat anything that you make for me, as long as it is at the table. Which you will clean up after, and not leave the mess for me to deal with later. Speaking of gratitude, it would be lovely to start off breakfast with a gratitude circle, and your answer does not have to be ‘my mom’. Mother’s Day is admittedly a forced holiday, so let’s insert some authenticity into it.

8-10ish: Group activity? Nope.

Leave me be again. Spending every minute with me all day long does not show me how much I am appreciated, but letting me be alone periodically throughout the day does. I will most likely practice some yoga. Go watch a couple of Brooklyn 99 episodes in another room and we will reconvene soon. Win for all.

Sometime before noon: More device time for you? Absolutely not.

A family walk! When my kids don’t gripe about going outside these days, I happen to immensely enjoy walking through our neighborhood with my family. Walking and talking, talking and walking…but no griping.

Lunch: Do I want you to keep asking me what I want to eat? Definitely not.

Let's eat wherever and whatever you want. Every mom knows that we can’t control the whole day without some agitation arising from our family. Pick something that makes you happy, even if I have to make it, and then let’s eat and move on with the day.

Afternoon: Musical tickets or a stroll through a museum? Sounds heavenly but sadly this one is out of our control.

Since live theatre and museums are currently unavailable, why not make our own entertainment and culture? Play me your instruments, read me a poem you wrote, let’s sing karaoke, or we could even make TikTok videos together! Just no messy crafts projects. What better way to bond than through creativity?! I am actually serious about this.

Dinner: Do I want you to make me dinner? No. Do I want to make dinner? No.

Deliveroo. We are all tired at the end of the day and no one will want to cook, least of all me. Another win for all!

8pm: Late night games and movies for the whole family? No and no.

Please, kids, go to bed without a fuss. Let me relax in a mindful manner, ideally with your dad, with time and space to reflect on a pretty fabulous Mother’s Day with a pretty fabulous family.

What is your ideal Mother's Day?


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