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Mindfulness Habits

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

You have probably downloaded myKinCloud app and are using it regularly with your families. We hope it is giving you a chance to develop new, positive habits for you and your kids. We realize that not everyone in your family will be active in your group in the beginning. It is hard enough to change our own habits, and even harder to change our kids’ habits. All we can say is this: Give it some time!

Full disclosure – my son took a couple of weeks before he made an unprompted appearance in myKinCloud. I knew that he was reading our posts by some of the comments he made from time to time, but he just wasn’t posting. I stopped asking him to join us and continued to enjoy the experience with the rest of my family.

And then it happened.

My son posted a simple emoji check-in that expressed he was having a good day and he was excited. This came on a day when he and I were going to have a special afternoon together, just him and me. Needless to say, there was nothing quite like it when he jumped in to express how he was feeling that day, without me asking him. It can be hard to get kids to talk about the simplest things, let alone their feelings.

Slowly but surely he has continued to be active within our family experience. While admittedly his favorite and sometimes only daily mindfulness practice is the emoji check-in, it is a powerful and important habit that he didn’t have before. Some days he likes to express his anger, boredom, or fatigue through the emojis, and while it is not always happiness and excitement, it is a new habit of becoming self-aware.

Do you have any stories to share of new habits created within your family?

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