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Mindfulness For Stress Management

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Let’s address stress….

Stress is a real thing in our lives. Many of us have felt heightened stress during the last two years. There are others who seemed “fine”, but now find themselves overwhelmed by accumulated stress. Stress is felt in the body, in our emotions and in our spirit. It weighs heavily and constricts. Not all stress is bad though and it is virtually impossible to completely avoid stress, so it is important to develop approaches and skills to manage its presence.

Good news! Mindfulness is a daily habit you can adopt to combat the effects of stress, and to even reduce it. Flowing through a yoga practice helps release tension and gripping in the body. Strengthening and stretching in synch with the breath has a way of both calming and energizing. In yoga, we are physically creating space and openness, and bringing attention to the present moment.

Similarly, in meditation, we harness our thoughts back to the present moment, which is where joy resides. Meditation slows down the heart rate and helps balance our stress hormones. For stressed out adults, a regular meditation practice has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve sleep. And for anxious kids, meditation helps regulate those big feelings. Even in the most critical moments of crisis or tension, several slow, deep breaths can have an instantaneous calming effect. Your breath is a powerful tool.

Mindfulness delivers so many benefits yet remembering to practice mindfulness can be a challenge. Even your myKinCloud team can sometimes get too busy and distracted to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. When this happens, we reflect on the compelling "why?" of a regular mindfulness practice and set our reminders on the myKinCloud app. You can do this too!

We challenge you to try one of the very satisfying Complete Yoga Flow practices (today!), or check out the newest meditation on the app, Bee Mindful 🐝. Have fun, reduce stress and enjoy the mind, body, and spirit benefits of your mindfulness practice!


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