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It's All About Gratitude

The myKinCloud team is spread across England and the United States, representing different cultures and lifestyles, all with the common theme of mindful living.

We have experienced different pandemic protocols this year, but as with every corner of the globe, we are all facing tough times in our own way. Admittedly, the ongoing pandemic and the recent lockdown situation in London has been a mental challenge for my family and me, and we are not alone.

Sometimes it seems like things can’t get much worse, and practicing living mindfully does not put us under false pretenses – there are no quick fixes or guaranteed ways of coping with these unprecedented world events. Supporting good mental health for us and our families is a new journey each day for everyone. I can’t say that we have all of the answers for coping, and as much as we strive for mindfulness for us and our families, we don’t always achieve that state. BUT we do recommend a technique that we practice regularly, which really can make a difference.

Write a gratitude list.


And have your kids do the same.

Happiness experts claim that we cannot achieve happiness without gratitude. If we know that there is one action that could make us and our kids just a bit happier, wouldn’t we want to try?

myKinCloud offers gratitude journaling for your family. Each family member logs their own gratitude list, which post to their own private, interactive feed. The fun part is connecting, sharing and learning what your cloud members are grateful for. It's inspiring too! Our app makes it incredibly easy to work gratitude into your daily habits, but here are some gratitude tips for you and your kids.

How do I remember to journal my gratitude?

Make it a daily habit! Pick a time of day, and with myKinCloud you can set a Reminders alarm and journal your gratitude at that time each day. It is like starting any new habit – over time you start to do it without even thinking.

What if I can’t think of anything for which I am grateful?

Look around you – the sun might be shining, your dog might be lovingly wagging its tail at you, or you simply had the ability to use your legs to get yourself out of bed that day. No matter how bad things seem, there truly is always something good around us. It does not have to be something profound but can be something that is literally right in front of you.

What if I am not feeling particularly grateful?

Choose just one thing, no matter how small. You can work your way up to a larger list, or maybe always keep it at one item each day. Any amount of gratitude in your life can make it a bit better.

How do I get my kids to journal their gratitude?

myKinCloud is of course a fantastic way to get your kids to write down their gratitude list. If you post something that you are grateful for, it might inspire them to post something they are grateful for as well. Work it into your daily gratitude habit to first write your own list and then ask your kids what theirs is. When they do post their gratitude, comment! This will encourage them to keep it up. You will begin a journey of new habits for your whole family.

Gratitude = Happiness.

What are you grateful for today? What are your kids grateful for today?


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