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Fresh Perspective

This weekend my family and I are going somewhere, as in getting on a train and going somewhere ELSE, outside of our home, school, and work routine. We happen to be going to a charming town, but ANYWHERE else would suffice at this point. Under normal circumstances this mini-trip would be something enjoyable to look forward to, but given the recent prolonged restrictions, my husband and are I nothing short of ecstatic. Our kids? Don’t ask. Per our blog post a couple of months back where we discussed the fact that the more they are inside, the more they don’t want to go outside, we quite frankly have not made much progress.

But back to my husband and me, since sometimes we have to make our own mental health a priority, and it’s not like going away for the weekend is actual torture to my kids (although that probably depends on who you ask). I love my home and my city, and I fully understand the need for lockdowns during a pandemic, but wow am I tired of these four walls. Get me out of here!!

Every now and then a temporary change of scenery can feel essential. It’s not really so much the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ theory, but more that sometimes we get in a physical holding pattern that can turn into a mental holding pattern. With the same scenery every day comes the same thoughts, and sometimes we need to physically get away from our regular surroundings to have a chance to break free of the ‘meh’, and then return to our regular environment with a renewed mindset of gratitude and a fresh perspective.

This physical 'escape' doesn’t have to be an overnight stay somewhere and it doesn't have to be for an extended period of time - it could be a walk outside on a less travelled path, a wander through that family-owned organic supermarket you've never entered, or a rendezvous with a friend across town in their neighborhood hipster coffee shop. Or perhaps you need a month long vacation as far away as possible. Anywhere different than your usual route, your usual sights, and your usual routine, for whatever kind of time you can commit, can stimulate your senses again, giving you renewed energy that can carry over to when you do return to your usual surroundings.

Here is the best part – going back home! Once we have a chance to refresh and reset, going back to our own friendly neighborhood, inside of our own familiar walls, with our own comfy bed can bring on a fabulous wave of gratitude.

Anyone else going somewhere for a fresh perspective?


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