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Domino Effect

Last week I wrote about how making family breakfasts just didn’t work well for anyone in my family anymore. Good habit gone bad. I never thought that changing this habit would prompt a part 2 in our blog, but my household has experienced in a very short time how one small habit change can trigger other ones, essentially creating a domino effect.

I made the fabulous morning habit change primarily for me, and as a result I found some additional time for myself, allowing me to start the day much more positively. I expected that my kids would benefit as well by starting their own new survival habits centered around preparing food, but I have witnessed yet another completely unexpected result. Each morning I hear my kids speak with each other like civilized human beings while preparing their food. They have been calmly and pleasantly communicating with each other! I will embarrassingly admit that a few short weeks ago I would have had an impossible time envisioning a morning where my kids, 1) don’t fight with each other, and 2) exchange pleasantries. It is a small miracle.

My kids are close in age, planned that way, in hopes of them having some sort of friendship, or at the very least companionship. While they have experienced bonding moments over the years, especially when we go on family vacations or adventures, in recent times those moments sadly have become next to none. Their relationship has become what appears to be roommates that just co-exist, much of the time not very happily.

But not this past week! Fighting seems to be fair game the rest of the day, but when they are focused on finding cups, bowls, something edible, etc, they have relaxed, easy conversation with each other. They are not fixing world problems, but they are also not starting World War 3. They each have a sense of purpose with seemingly no time for frivolous arguing!

I knocked over the first domino, triggering a few more dominos. One small positive family habit change led to multiple positive habit changes across multiple people. Start small and experience the domino effect for yourself!


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