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We think it is important to take a moment this week to go over the heart of myKinCloud, which is sharing your mindfulness journey with your family. Our concept of ‘mindfulness, together’ is at the core of myKinCloud, where we not only practice mindfulness, but we do so with our KinCloud, which is our private, chosen group in the app. The mindfulness practices are just the means to the end of deeper connection with those closest to us. Many of us have had various mindfulness practices incorporated into our daily lives before, but now myKinCloud gives you the chance to extend this experience to your family.

We highly encourage our subscribers to add family members to your private KinCloud – you get 12 users with your subscription, so why not?! You can either add your kids immediately, similar to video streaming services that allow for different family members to be included under the same account, or invite users who might live in other households and require their own login information. There might even be space in your KinCloud for your in-laws. Go for it – you know they would love to be part of your shared experience with your kids!

Once all of your family members are in your KinCloud, then the real magic begins. Everyone has access to the same mindfulness toolkit of meditation, yoga, gratitude journaling, self-awareness check-ins and messaging. Each user can pick whichever quick, easy practice that resonates with them, and the completed practice goes into the feed. Voila! Instant inspiration, interaction and ultimately connection.

Now that many of our kids are getting back into school, it is more important than ever to have an easy way to connect with them while they aren’t sitting across from us all day long anymore. Let myKinCloud help you utilize the benefits of technology and devices to take you through a shared mindfulness experience with your family.

Some things really are better together!


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