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Deepen family connections through simple mindfulness habits.

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Your mindfulness toolkit

Family-friendly mindfulness exercises. 

Meditate & Practice Yoga

Become calm and centered through guided breathing and yoga movement sessions. 

Be Grateful

Journal gratitude to promote joy and happiness for you and your family!

Message Mindfully

Share a meaningful message or photo to connect with your family.

Improve Self-Awareness

Check in with your feelings to cultivate self-compassion and emotional awareness!

Share the experience

Post about your completed exercises in the family social feed.

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A new way for the family to deepen connections.

Learn meditation together.


myKinCloud session examples

Happiness Habit Meditation

Cheerful, relaxing meditation to cultivate a positive outlook and feelings of ease.

Mountain Pose Yoga

Quick energizing sequence with a focus on Mountain Pose. Kids inspiring kids!


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