Mindfulness, Together

myKinCloud helps families deepen connections through mindfulness in a private social media experience.

There is nothing quite like it.

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Pick your practice

Enjoy fun, simple mindfulness practices.

Develop positive, healthy habits while connecting with others. 


Journal gratitude to promote joy and happiness.


Check in with your feelings to cultivate self-compassion and emotional awareness.

Mindful Messaging

Share a meaningful message or photo to communicate and connect with your private group.


Practice mindful breathing and movement to become calm and centered. Invite a loved one to join.

Connect with your cloud

Completed mindfulness practices are posted to a private, interactive feed.

What is a cloud?

  • A private social media experience for you and up to 11 loved ones focused on mindfulness habits. Include your kids, close friends, extended family... you decide.

  • A refreshing, distraction-free place: ad-free, no access to social media, no third-party links.

  • A new way for the whole family to deepen connections while cultivating and sustaining habits for well-being and mental health

  • One subscription covers all 12 cloud members. No additional cost to add/invite loved ones to your cloud.

myKinCloud practice examples

Happiness Habit Meditation

Cheerful, relaxing meditation to cultivate a positive outlook and feelings of ease.

Mountain Pose Yoga

Quick energizing sequence with a focus on Mountain Pose. Kids inspiring kids!


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Connect. Share. Interact.

Download myKinCloud and enjoy the benefits of practicing mindfulness, together.

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